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All sales are final and non-returnable. Immediate delivery only. Certain items are for sale to licensed installers only.
“Advertised clearance pricing is item specific, and does not carry over to general inventory”



75 gallon 6-year PROPANE fired power vented water heater with side loops (GPVX75LLP) – out of box with some surface scratches and dents - $650 (PRO)

AO Smith TJV-120M Storage Tank (installed and removed 2 days later per inspector) (BOS) $523.00

AO Smith ENT-40 Electric Water Heater – Dented (BOS) - $323.00


Concord upflow oil furnace L83UF1D57/72 with Beckett burner – New, out of crate (BIL) $1075

Burnham Alpine 105 Wall Hung Boiler – Out of crate (PRO) $2250

Dunkirk DXL-100 Nat Gas Chimney Vent Boiler – Out Of Crate (PRO) $925

Burnham ES2-4 Natural Gas 85% Boiler – Out Of Crate (PRO) $1275

Burnham 203N dented (BOS) $923.00

Burnham 205N small dent (BOS) $1323.00

Concord Low-Boy Oil Furnace L85BF1V104/118 85% F.F. Variable Speed - open box (BOS) $1773.00

ADP Hydro Air Handler 3.5-4 Ton BCRMC3648 – Dented (BOS) $253.00

ADP Hydro Air Handler 5 Ton BCRMC6660 – Dented (PRO) $775.00

Burnham IN5PV Natural Gas ** Power Vented ** Steam Boiler – Out Of Crate (RAY) - $2518


Air Conditioning

Whirlpools & Fixtures



Oil Tanks

Granby ECOGARD 330 gallon oil tank with double bottom and leak detection. With 25 year Granby warranty $590 (MAN)

Roth/Granby 165 gallon double walled oil tank with a dented top $475 - R2335191861 (BIL)

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